PABX Phone System

A asterisk based open source PABX system, fully optimized for the hospitality industry..

Unique benefits of PABX Phone System

  • It is fully integrated with voicemail, guest and internal messaging.
  • Change of room status can be done using the mini bar.
  • IDD calls can be made with much lower rates which will increase profits as properties using normal PABX systems are losing money when guests prefer to use their mobile phones.
  • The fully integrated IP phone system can create one virtual environment where all phone calls between properties (local, national or international) are free of charge.
  • Hotel staff can be reachable using their mobiles with SIP functionalities anywhere in the hotel as long as they are within the wireless environment, making paid walkie talkie contracts redundent.
  • Only one infrastructure is needed for both telephone and internet within the property as well as guest rooms. The investment costs will be lowered tremendously.