ACC Accounting

Accounting is fully integrated on transaction level with all other modules of E-HORS. This means that transactions made in front office, an outlet or purchasing will be recorded automatically in the Accounting module without manual intervention.

Unique benefits of Accounting.

  • The General Ledger shows all transaction records that are made in other modules. This will create quite a large General Ledger but it is a huge benefit for auditors to monitor transactions as they can view it from a single source.
  • Monthly and daily budgets are supported for accounting, front office room nights and room revenue by accommodation and market segmentation and for any outlet covers and revenue even by meal period.
  • Comprehensive AR and AP features and reports.
  • A complete Fixed Asset ledger is available within the Accounting module.
  • Automatic journals for depreciations and pre-payments take care of proper allocation and timing of re-incurring expenses.
  • A very limited number of manual transactions are needed. It is a fact that the head count in accounting can be reduced significantly. The focus is more on audit and reporting than on data entry.
  • Exco reports, free definable, provides management level insights on results at any time from anywhere, even without month or year closing.